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Compliance: Success Through Integrity

Our company values are based on responsibility and trust. Lawful behaviour and fair competition are our most important requirements to ensure sustainable success for our business.

Compliance Management System

For Kaufland, it is very important to avoid risks that endanger the trust of our customers and business partners. For this purpose, we have set up a compliance management system. Its core function is to inform our employees about legal risks and provide support to successfully navigate them.


Warnings of compliance violations

To further mitigate risks, it is important to detect potential misconduct early. Amongst other things, we achieve this by notifying the company of possible compliance violations. To report potential misconduct, there are two reporting systems at your disposal: our internal compliance colleagues and our online reporting system.

We guarantee that every message is kept strictly confidential. We review all references to compliance misconduct carefully. Proven misconduct is addressed consistently and appropriately. Of course, your data will be collected, processed and used in accordance with the applicable data protection law.

Please note that these compliance reporting options are not the correct channel for general complaints, expressing dissatisfaction or similar concerns. For general questions, requests, suggestions and criticism, please contact our customer support. Customer complaints and advice without compliance relevance will be sent to the responsible department for further processing without further notice.


Legal & Compliance Department

If you would like to report any evidence of compliance violations, or if you have questions about compliance, please contact your Compliance colleagues by e-mail:


Online reporting system

With our online reporting system BKMS®, we provide you with a communication platform that enables you to report compliance misconduct at any hour and from around the world. All incoming information is processed onsite by our compliance managers. We rely on you to use the online reporting system responsibly. Therefore, only pass on information that you believe to be correct to the best of your knowledge.


Online whistleblowing system:


Code of Conduct

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